At The Blended Beauty Co. we aim to keep it simple, by guaranteeing you preservative and toxin free products.  They are all small batch, hand blended, completely natural and waterless (anhydrous).

 We believe you shouldn’t have to compromise your health to feel beautiful and confident just the way you are.

 XOXO The Blended Beauty Co.


"Having used these products for a year Body Scrub, Body Oil, Facial Oil and Luxurious Night Serum I have found that my skin feels cleansed  nurtured and nourishing.  They last all day, not like creams.  Being very much in touch with nature, it is important to me, to know that the ingredients used are naturally sourced, non-toxic and preservative free, all of this combined with a great commitment to the health of my skin.  I am so happy I have such a wonderful skincare range that I can rely on. - Jeannette Siebols Artist 

"Best body scrub ever!!!  Cleared my pores after dreaded contest colour, left my skin feeling soft, smooth, refreshed and felt like it could breath again.... awesome smell too...its definitely a go to from now on." - Val Georgievski

"I have been using your products for over a year and was thrilled to hear about your new product range especially focusing on well aging skin.  I cannot tell you how happy I am with the results of the Embracing Destiny Night Serum, Becoming Clear and Pineapple Plaything.  They are a wonderful addition to my skincare routine and the improvements speak for themselves." - Mimmi Costa


Naturopath/Nutritionist - RENEE GRANDI

Bees Wax from the Hive - ILLAWARRA BEES

Fair Trade/Ethical - BARAKA SHEA BUTTER