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Posted on November 19 2021

Winner of 8 Best Clean Products Of 2021, The Blended Beauty Co offers a clean collection of natural skincare. All of their products meet the Organic Beauty Award's Clean Standards, they are also certified by Safe Cosmetics Australia, formulated with safe, natural & effective ingredients. 100% cruelty-free, The Blended Beauty Co selects the best ingredients to formulate self-preserving products, this means that all of the ingredients they use, provide benefits for skincare leaving no room for filling agents that dilute the strength of the formula with water or artificial bulking agents. 
The Blended Beauty Co selects ingredients that are naturally stable. These ingredients are free from water, eliminating the need for adding preservatives to control harmful bacteria & effectively bypassing the undesirable effects of irritating chemicals. Products that contain fewer ingredients & no added preservatives, lend themselves to minimising the chances of experiencing skin irritation. Their formulas are super concentrated, they are not watered down or diluted in any way as each ingredient is a stand-alone source of healthy natural vitamins providing skin conditioning benefits.
Editor's Choice Award
The Editor's Choice Award is for 3 of The Blended Beauty Co's products, the Balmy Night Well Aging Night Balm, Pain Relief Oil & the Becoming Clear Refresh Cleansing Oil. 
Balmy Night Well Aging Night Balm
"The Balmy Knight grabbed my attention right away. It looks different than other balms, it has a thick robust texture & an aromatic earthy aroma with hints of spicy undertones that is rich, deep & exotic. You can just tell that your skin is going to love this treatment balm, promoting relaxation & peace thanks to essential oils of frankincense, lemon balm & rosemary, the balm melts as you warm it using your fingertips to apply to the face, neck & décolletage. I love that it is easy to apply & massage into the skin without dragging, this is really important not to pull the skin as this contributes to premature aging such as sagging skin. Hours later, even the next morning, I can still smell the beautiful scent of this balm & my skin soaks up the anti-aging benefits of Algica® an algae-based silica that improves the skin by absorbing impurities & bacteria, it also improves the skin's ability to stay hydrated, increasing moisture retention & effectively firming the skin. This anti-aging balm is the most decadent, skin-softening treatment, any time my skin looks tired or dull, this is my go-to balm for smoothing & revitalising aging skin." 
Pain Relief Oil
"The Pain Relief Oil is made from two of the best carrier oils, jojoba & apricot. These oils are lightweight yet super silky & naturally contain vitamins that help to condition the skin. Infused with eight essential oils of Camphor, Orange, Rosemary, Lemon, Roman Chamomile, Black pepper, Juniper berry, & Marjoram leaf oil. Together these essential oils relieve muscle tension, soothing aches & pains within minutes. I was so pleased to find that this oil worked for lumber & neck pain, I have permanent spine injuries with some titanium modifications so treating muscle tension is something that I do constantly each day. Preferring natural ingredients to any of the common heat creams available (that don't state what is in them) I much prefer knowing what I am absorbing via my skin than using any old cream so when I tried this Pain Oil I had high hopes & wasn't at all disappointed! Every time I use this oil I am so happy with the result, tension is eased, the essential oils are also uplifting & I'm smiling again. I'd recommend this pain relief oil for backaches, wrist pain, hip tension, arthritis & even migraines, by massaging a few drops into the skin & appreciating the aroma which has a dual effect restoring & alleviating tension & pain."
Becoming Clear Refresh Cleansing Oil
"The Becoming Clear Refresh Cleansing Oil is highly effective in treating & preventing acne breakouts & congestion. I love using this cleansing oil to remove makeup including eyeliner & mascara as well as foundation. It is made from 11 key oils & extracts, 100% vegan & botanic with zero artificial chemicals. Each ingredient is known to help heal & repair the skin, aiding hydration & balancing excess sebum making this cleansing oil perfect for cleansing the skin without stripping it of natural sebum that is essential in protecting the skin. If the skin becomes dry, this can trigger an acne breakout so it is important not to strip the skin when cleansing. Made from Grapeseed, Watermelon, Camellia, Pumpkin, Castor, Jojoba, Natural Vitamin E, German blue chamomile, Orange, Grapefruit & Rosemary oils, each & every ingredient provides key benefits for maintaining healthy skin. Interestingly, pumpkin oil is high in vitamins, minerals & omega-3 & -6 which is perfect for treating dry skin complaints & mature skin. The best way to cleanse the skin is to remove eye makeup first using a moist cotton round wiping away any makeup. Then moisten the face with water, apply a few drops of the cleansing oil by massaging it gently into the skin & a warm face washer to remove the oil that has dissolved & lifted makeup & dirt from the skin. Rinse the washer & gently wipe the skin clean. "
- Amina Kitching, Editor, Organic Beauty Award.
Founder Q&A
When did you start your brand & what inspired you?
I originally purchased Nana May’s Skincare after using the products for myself and my young daughter who was struggling with eczema at the time (Soothing Skin Salve sorted that issue). I decided to rebrand to The Blended Beauty Co. as every aspect of the business is blended, from ingredients being hand-blended, researching ingredients to blend the perfect formula, also a blend of beautiful friendships we have made in business as an added bonus. 
Which products out of your range are your favourite & why?
Our current favourite is definitely Balmy Knight, it's everything, your skin looks and feels absolutely amazing. A great deal of research and trialing ingredients in a blend that contains Algica… our new hero ingredient. We limit ourselves in the ingredients we can use in our formulas to remain preservative-free, so it is a fabulous feeling when we find an ingredient like Algica that ticks all of our boxes and so many more. Balmy Knight is a balm but not like any other balm, it absorbs a lot quicker than your average balm and yet leaves a perfect velvet touch finish to the skin. Our super blend that targets so many areas for well aging skin.
Which ingredients out of your range are your favourite & why?
All of our ingredients have a special place and serve a purpose in our blends, however having to choose favourites I would have to say Pracaxi – Adds great stability to our products containing this oil, which is almost waxy, leaving the skin with a more even texture. Brightens and fades scarring and hyperpigmentation. Algica – Improves moisture, protects from pollution, cleanses, enables uptake of nutrients from other ingredients. UV light blocking properties, comparable to hyaluronic acid, the list goes on. 
Why is natural skincare so important?
I believe in toxin-free ingredients that truly nourish and enhance our beauty naturally. We live in a world that is forever trying to modify but we can work in harmony with our skin using truly natural ingredients that don’t have to go through a major modification process before we use them. Plants have been used in natural medicines with proven results for a very long time and they work just as well in skincare. There really is a purpose to all of the amazing ingredients the earth supplies for us in their natural state from all across the globe. 
What is your favourite skincare tip, a weekly ritual that you love?
Gentle exfoliation does wonders for your complexion. Twice weekly I use Pineapple Plaything mixed with Becoming clear cleansing oil as a mask, then exfoliate before rinsing in the shower. This routine is a great prep for absorption of nutrients when followed by a little Embracing Destiny, then Balmy Knight to really protect and hold in all that goodness. 

What’s the most important piece of advice we should keep in mind?
Love your true beauty. Embrace, don’t defy. Nourish your body and mind with the bountiful goodness nature gives us.
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