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Posted on December 16 2020


Australian Non-Toxic Skincare Awards: Becoming Clear Won!

The Blended Beauty Co. is back with another award-winning non-toxic skincare product! Becoming Clear won twice in the Australian Non-Toxic Awards.

The Blended Beauty Co. won the bronze and silver ribbon for one of the best oil cleansers and makeup removers. Every carefully-sourced ingredient gives your skin its healthy, natural glow.

We accept this credit and want to thank ANTA for judging our product!

The Australian Non-Toxic Awards: Your Guide to Healthy Living

The Australian Non-Toxic Awards revolve around every chemical-free household product. They focus on healthy living and a person’s mission toward a non-toxic household. Their awards include baby toys, skincare, makeup, fashion, and everything else zero-waste.

When it comes to healthy living, every item matters. It goes much further than exercise and nutrition. Nowadays, the average consumer is becoming more aware of what is in their household goods.

A healthy lifestyle extends to skincare brands! Toxic additives are still common in the beauty industry. As conscious consumers grow aware of harmful additives, the future of the beauty industry changes.

The Non-Toxic Awards favor skincare brands with ethically-sourced, chemical-free ingredients. They give the conscious consumer spaces to find safe products. When they review brands, they study every aspect of the brand's mission.

Expertly Judged by Professionals: Cosmetologists, Estheticians, Naturopaths, and More

The Australian Non-Toxic Skincare Awards use experts to judge their nominees. Lots of experts see a skincare product before making the final judgment. Cosmetologists, naturopaths, estheticians, gurus; the ANTA considers their opinions equally.

Five experts judged our Becoming Clear oil cleanser. Each of them noted its effectiveness and ethical sourcing. Its light feeling makes it perfect for everyday use. Use it for makeup removal and to cleanse without stripping the skin.

We would like to thank the experts who reviewed Becoming Clear!

A special thank-you to...

  • Cathy Topolgin
  • Neha Hobson
  • Emily Fletcher
  • Emma Freeman
  • Ash Quinn

How to Be a Conscious Consumer

What does it mean to be a conscious consumer? As buyers, we need to be aware of where our money goes. A company’s practices may not be in line with our personal beliefs. Think of its workers, social standing, ethics, and philosophies.

Being conscious of a business's habits takes a bit of research. If you buy a product often, a quick Google search tells you exactly where it comes from, who made it, and what it contains. How can we make this process easier, though?

Certifications are an easy way to see a brand's ethics. If a company meets a certain quality, it may get a certification. Because experts tested the product, they prove their standards to conscious consumers.

Awards for ethical sourcing and all-natural ingredients do the work for you. The Australian Non-Toxic Awards, for example, revolve around a brand’s creation of products. A skincare product with an award is more likely to be eco-friendly.

If you have a favourite skincare brand, put in some research! Figure out where they get their products and how they make them. See if the business is listed for any awards, certifications, or ethical sources. View the business’s About Page, Blog, and find proof of ethics.

How Non-Toxic Skincare Benefits the Beauty Industry

Conscious consumers change the future of the beauty industry. Natural products are all the rage! People do not want to see parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, and harmful chemicals in their skincare.

Instead, the average consumer favours all-natural and organic sources. The internet’s education allows us to keep safe skin and a healthy lifestyle.

What are the results? High-quality and environmentally-conscious products are the norms. In general, skincare lovers do not have to look too hard to find an ethical skincare product.

The Blended Beauty Co.’s Award-Winning Skincare Product

Becoming Clear earned its award for its ethical sourcing and toxin-free ingredients. We made this product to give our customers a safe and effective cleanser. Sensitive skin types enjoy this item’s gentle, all-natural blend.

Makeup removal should not strip your skin of its natural oils. You deserve to feel fresh every night after washing your face. The Blended Beauty Co. saves you time and effort by pairing cleansing and moisturising blends.

Here are some of the main ingredients in Becoming Clear:

  • Vitamin E
  • Castor Oil
  • Jojoba Seed Oil
  • Rosemary Leaf Oil
  • Sweet Orange Peel Oil

Becoming Clear pairs perfectly with Pineapple Plaything! Using both items creates a well-rounded skincare routine.


Can I Use Becoming Clear Every Day?

Wearing makeup every day clogs your pores. Clogged pores lead to irritation, acne, and sensitivity. Getting makeup off of your face is important for healthy, clear skin.

Becoming Clear uses gentle, all-natural ingredients. It does not irritate sensitive skin, and it does not strip your natural oils. The easy-to-use makeup remover erases clogged pores without drying your skin.

Do I Need to Pair a Moisturizer With This Cleanser?

Hydrating after oil cleansing depends on your skin type. Our oil cleanser does not need a second moisturiser. It leaves the skin feeling soft and not stripped of any natural oils.

If your skin is naturally oily, it may need more oil. That sounds conflicting, but listen to this:

Excess sebum comes from stripped, dry skin. Clogged pores mean that you need less oil.

NOTE: If you notice more acne, moisturising after oil cleansing is not the right path for your skin.

Should I Use This Skincare Product in the Morning or the Evening?

Use Becoming Clear on your own schedule! We advise using it for makeup removal, so that fits into a night time schedule. Fit the product into your skincare routine how you see fit.

We recommend this type of skincare routine:

  • Cleanse
  • Exfoliate (Try Pineapple Plaything!)
  • Moisturize (optional with our products.)

Will Cleansing Oils Make My Skin More Oily?

The effects of cleansing oils depend on your skin type. If you have oily skin, it may be because your skin is stripped of its natural oils. The solution is to add more oil instead of taking it away.

Cleansing oils are a great way to add a healthy amount of oil to your face.

Becoming Clear is lightweight, not heavy. It does not clog your pores or leave you feeling greasy. Instead, it adds a healthy amount of oil to keep your skin from overproducing sebum.

The end result depends on your choice and skin type. Test different applications, and find what works for you. For the most part, Becoming Clear keeps healthy oils on your face.

Should I Double Cleanse Every Night?

Double cleansing is crucial for regular makeup wearers. People who do not wear makeup may not need a double cleanse. It depends on your skin type and personal choices.

Yes, you can use the same cleanser to do a double cleanse. The process is quite simple!

  • Use the first cleanse to break down dirt, oil, and makeup.
  • Rinse your face with temperate water.
  • Cleanse again to completely remove any excess pollutants.

Shop Our Toxin-Free Skincare Products

The Blended Beauty Co. wants to give its customers toxin-free skincare. To do so, we specially blend every eco-friendly ingredient. Our small batch blends let us take extra care to bring you undiluted skincare that works.

Browse Our Non-Toxic Skincare Here.

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