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Posted on November 13 2020

Christmas Gift Giving Ideas
Do you have a Christmas list yet? Let us help you with your gift giving ideas.
There is a feeling you get from buying from small businesses that are Australian and businesses who choose to impact the environment positively. It seems you do not get that when shopping at department store. It might be that the business owner has the taken pride in formulating ingredients or putting together products with their own hands. Or the fact that you want to support the business because you love their attention to detail, their raw, non-toxic, ethically sourced ingredients or their exceptional craftsmanship.
Buying from small businesses, whether they’re based in the city or regionally, has become mainstream and the more we talk about it, the more we feel moved to join, unite and help these businesses blossom.
We have chosen some of our favourite small businesses that will inspire your Christmas gift ideas list. We know you will love their products and services as much as we do.  All provide that special attention to detail.
Make someone feel special and keep it at home in the process.    
My skincare journey started several years ago. I realised that I couldn't trust every ingredient on the bottle. The preservatives, parabens, and harmful chemicals made me worry about my skin's health.
Women over 30 want to avoid fine lines and wrinkles. Aging is completely natural, but damaged skin causes premature aging. I made the switch, and you should too to avoid damage and save your skin.
The Blended Beauty Co. understands the need for healthy and transparent skincare. Toxin-free, waterless products provide more active ingredients. We do not believe in harsh chemicals.
Each of our hand-blended products gives you fast results. We put special care into every bottle, so you don't have to question what's on your skin. Why Switch to Waterless Skincare? Waterless skincare is...cost-effective has more active ingredients per bottle more easily absorbed into the skin.
For women with experience, you want as little damage to your skin as possible. Erase signs of aging with gentle and chemical-free skincare. Reduce the damage, and revitalise your skin at The Blended Beauty Co. Take the Step Towards More Youthful Skin. The Blended Beauty Co. promises to give your skin the special treatment it needs. We do not create watered-down products just to charge you double the price. Every one of our natural ingredients are pure. Are you ready to make the switch with us?      
This company is an online gifting company, selling unique and purposeful goods that are Canadian made. Their mission is to be a store where people can feel great about their purchase, knowing that by gifting through us, they are giving back.  They carry products that positively impact our environment.
Mercedes is dedicated to purchasing MEANINGFUL and IMPACTFUL products, making people feel GREAT by not only gifting but by giving back. As proceeds from nearly every product are donated to a meaningful cause.  Mercedes is starting a new initiative through Greater Than Gifting called the Buy 1, Donate 1 program. Certain products and gift boxes will fall into this program where they will be donating an item(s) for every 1 purchased. ⁣What a wonderful incentive
The inspiration behind Greater Than Gifting stems from a sweet little Canadian baby named Chloe Sousa. Chloe is diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) Type 1. SMA is a genetic condition that causes muscle weakness and affects a child's ability to crawl, walk, sit up, and control head movements. Severe SMA can damage the muscles used for breathing and swallowing.
There is a life changing and saving treatment that is not yet offered in Canada and costs approximately 3 million dollars to receive - Zolgensma. As babies can only receive Zolgensma before the age of 2, Chloe's family was working tirelessly to raise this money. 
To read more about their story and the inspiration surrounding their brand go to  
Being a mum of three young girls Kailah knew the importance of safe makeup. She wanted to ensure that her daughters desire for Beauty never comes at the expense of their health. MG Naturals have created a brand that goes beyond green washing & the clean beauty movement to where it really matters: SAFE Beauty.
Her goal has always been to create safe makeup that works just like conventional makeup just without all the nasties.
But the truth is her makeup doesn't work like conventional makeup & never will!  Instead of harming your skin, her makeup soothes & heals.  Instead of covering your skin up, it works to reveal your inner glow.
All while never damaging your health & skin.  That's the kind of makeup she want on her babies skin.
Buying makeup should be fun, it shouldn't require hours of research to ensure the safety of the products you want to try.  Which is why they have listed all of their ingredients with their certification, properties & most importantly their latest EWG safety rating.  They have done the research, so you don’t have to.  You can sit back & enjoy ordering your makeup knowing that all of our ingredients score in the safest category that the Environmental Working Group have.    
Women's natural health is a passion of Renee's. As we are so under the pump in everything we do, we lose track of our goals, our health, and somewhere amongst it all just our very being and will to make a happy life. Renee is passionate about helping others achieve their health goals, with a complete understanding that disease manifestation is multi-factorial through mind, body and spirit imbalances.
Naturopathy and Nutrition can significantly support hormone imbalances, menopause, mental health, sleep maintenance, fatigue, digestion, detoxification, immune conditions, pain management, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle integrations. As a Naturopath, she will look at all your body systems and facilitate a comprehensive health analysis to help determine underlying factors contributing to dis-ease.
This is a place, a home, for women of all ages. She completes comprehensive online consultations, self-love, and meditation classes all in the comfortable space of your home. Her goal and reason to be on this Earth is to connect with women all around the world and to nourish your bodies, minds, and spirits.  Book a consultation on the shop link below as she is offering a 10% off Initial Consultation Discount and save $15 off your first consult. If you sign up to the mailing list you will receive 10% off your consultation + learn nutritionist expert tips and tricks on how to support your body!    
Welcome to Decor By Baxter! Handmade Macrame Wall Hangers, Fringe|Plant Hanger, Macrame Plant Hanger, Macrame Coasters, DIY Keyring Kits, Build-Your-Own (DIY Macrame), Macrame Key Rings, Baby Teethers, Rainbow Mobiles, Sea Grass Mat Chandeliers Macrame Toys and Decor.  Rach is able to customise any designs available on her Etsy site. 
She has an amazing range to choose from. Various materials are used depending on the design including Egyptian Cotton, luxe cotton cord, macrame decor, macrame art, cotton, custom macrame, macrame and driftwood.  You can send her a message and she will get in touch with you to work out a perfect
creation for your space. 
Folium co embodies all that we love.  Quality, locally grown, handmade, good quality, botanical ingredients, Australian flora, environmentally friendly, sustainable, repurposed, ethically sourced and Australian made.
Jennifer's stunning indoor plant gifts, lush succulents and gorgeous cactus are the perfect gift for any occasion. Spoil that special someone with something different and give them a living gift that is long lasting and sustainable. Her gift baskets and pamper hampers contain a living gift plus a range of Australian made, natural body products and soy candles. They also stock a range of beautiful affordable homewares.
On trend indoor plants gifts. Repurposed, handmade, environmentally friendly and locally sourced gifts for men and women. Salus Body stockist. Shop their range of indoor living plant gifts, succulents, potted cactus, luxury gift baskets, natural body products and Australian made soy candles. They also stock a range of Coastal feel homewares.
Our plants are home grown or sourced from local growers. They are chosen for their beauty, texture, interesting features and easy care. We use high quality potting mix with added nutrients to ensure the health of our plants.    
This business is online.  Stephanie is the distributor of these incredibly magical, sweet and dreamy canopies made from 100% organic cotton linen, they make the cutest addition to your little ones space. Colours available are rose pink, grey or white.  They are approximately 240cm in height and 50cm in diameter.  All canopies are machine washable on delicate. The package is very easy to install and comes with their own steel ring, hooks and screws.  They also provide adhesive tape as an alternative option for those who don't want to screw anything in their wall or ceiling.     
Keli Collective have designed and sourced their products by keeping the environment in mind. They stock Eco Hair Brushes, Eco cotton mesh string hand bags and 100% cotton cord macrame hand bags (great for beach and shopping) and organic body butter soaps.  They are also proud to announce that they have been nominated as finalist in the Australian Non-Toxic Awards 2020 for their Eco Hair Brushes.  The products consist of natural and organic ingredients where possible, that are not harmful to the environment. We aim to protect our earth and future generations.       
This is Sally's creative space to share her new favourite past time hand wrapping bespoke rope rainbows and other creations. Suitable for both boys and girls. Mumma and her mini rainbows are available as a set. Rainbows can be customised with a letter or name. A perfect customised keyring or Christmas rainbow gift for day-care teachers and school teachers. All rainbows are made with love, wrapped beautifully with a thank you tag.     
Amy's has a wonderful range of bows ranging in size from 2.5 inch baby bows to extra large 6 inch bows. There should be something to suit everyone, with all the colours of the rainbow, sprinkled throughout our collections. Many of their bows are a limited edition with only one or two available.​ They have earrings styles to suit everyone. There are sparkles to florals and everything in between. Their earrings finishes include: studs, lever back drops and clip ons. 
Her collection include Clay Bows, Stud Earrings, The Lily Star, Lever back earrings, The Imogen, The Maria Sets, Custom listings, Australian, Spring Floral Release, Halloween as well as Purses and Hand Sanitiser Pouches.
Little Mop know first-hand just what it is like to tackle our children to wash, brush and control their Little Mops!
It has been their inspiration to bring their products to you.  It wasn’t until they had their own children, that they realised there just weren’t many options for what was needed in hair care for them. Sure there are some products on the market that are either designed for children or environmentally friendly or contain organic and natural ingredients BUT there isn’t much on the market that focuses on ALL of these things… which is how Little Mop products have been designed.
Every aspect of their products have been researched and adjusted repeatedly until it was right. They are confident Little Mop products meet their passions. Pure & Organic, Environmentally Friendly, Cruelty Free and most importantly that they WORK!  With a variety of bundles available to choose from, as well as shampoos and conditions, styling products, skincare and accessories.
Jess hopes you love these products just as much as they do. She hopes they are life changing…and by life changing she mean they take the stress out of caring for your little one’s mops without struggle and tears.

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