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Posted on November 23 2020


Organic Beauty Awards: Our Winning Skincare Products

Health-conscious skincare lovers deserve to know the ingredients in their products. The Organic Beauty Awards matches consumers to ethical, healthy household brands.


The Organic Beauty Awards revolves around ethics and sustainability. They favor informative, eco-friendly skin care brands. When they test a product, they weigh every aspect.


Some of their preferences for nominees include the following:


  • Sustainability
  • Ethical Sourcing (including manufacturing, testing, and ingredients)
  • Non-Toxic Ingredients
  • Honesty and Transparency
  • Value Per Product
  • Safety


Is Organic Beauty the Best Choice for a Healthy Skincare Routine?


Most people consider skincare products to be organic when they are toxin-free. Those toxins range from pesticides to fertilizers, according to the USDA. Organic products usually include all-natural ingredients too.


Basically, organic products do not contain man-made ingredients. The definition is loosely held, and there are few regulations for the word "organic." 


As long as the ingredients stay away from pesticides, the USDA lets companies use the word. As of 2020, the FDA does not regulate the word “organic,” so many companies go unchecked.


However, the word "organic" depends on the company. It is an umbrella term, used to appeal to environmentally-conscious skincare lovers. The Organic Beauty Awards use their platform to personally certify organic beauty brands. 


All organic companies should strive for safe, ethical products. If they are not safe or ethical, consumers might not consider them organic. Some ethical skincare brands go the plant-based route. Others still use safe, synthetic chemicals.


Yes, clean and organic skincare is healthier with ethical skincare brands.


Environmentally-conscious people prefer clean beauty to avoid hurting our ecosystem. Show a little more love for animals and the world around us by choosing the natural skincare route.


The Blended Beauty Co. promises transparency, raw ingredients, and more active ingredients per bottle. We ethically source our ingredients, and we focus on the safety of our consumers.


View Our Ethical Statement.


The Beauty Blended Co.'s Award-Winning Products


Winning an award from Organic Beauty Awards is a skincare brand's badge of honor. It is proof of the brand's honesty and commitment to true, ethical skincare.


Today, we want to visit our 2020 wins with the Organic Beauty Awards. The drive saw our brand's dedication to ethical skincare and carefully-sourced products. The Blended Beauty Co. put our best foot forward, and that hard work rewarded us.


We want you to feel happy in your natural skin.


Our Award-Winning Exfoliating Body Scrub


A good body scrub exfoliates, leaving baby-soft pure skin behind. An exceptional body scrub exfoliates and hydrates, giving users dozens of health benefits.


Our award-winning body scrub is an exceptional choice.


The Blended Beauty Co. body scrub won an Organic Beauty Award and was a finalist for the Australian Non-Toxic Awards in 2020. Both campaigns saw the unique blend of Himalayan salt and moisturizing oils.


Think of our body scrub as a two-in-one exfoliator and moisturizer. On top of lifting dead skin, the oils in our product give hydration back to the new skin underneath.


Shop Our Award-Winning Body Scrub Here.


Q&A: Is It Too Late to Start an Exfoliating Body Scrub?


Most people learn important skincare techniques in their adulthood. As the beauty industry grows, discoveries change the name of the game.


Here is the truth:


It is never too late to start any part of your skincare routine.


Dermatologists recommend exfoliating to get rid of dry skin. Starting in your adult years is useful, and you should not avoid it. Exfoliating revitalizes dullness, and most adults struggle with that.


Read About the Benefits of Our Body Scrub Here.


Q&A: Should You Use a Body Scrub Before or After Cleansing?


Here is the thing:


Skin experts rarely agree 100% on a topic. If you ask a dermatologist "before or after," you will get many answers. Every theory is different, and the right methods depend on the person.


However, our exfoliating body scrub uses pure salt. If the salt touches damp skin, it dissolves instantly. For that reason, you should use our body scrub as an exfoliant on dry skin only.  

The 3 in 1 scrub works its magic to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturise your skin all in one. The end result is smooth, moisturized skin with half of the effort.

Learn More About Our Body Scrub Here.


Our Award-Winning Soothing Bath Salts With Essential Oils


The ingredients in bath salts gently filter into the skin. What are the effects? Expect to feel rejuvenated with our unique essential oil bath recipes. Our award-winning bath salts detoxify your body and ease anxiety.


By adding blends of essential oils and salts, we created a unique blend for a refreshing bath. Our soothing bath salts were one of the finalists for the Australian Non-Toxic Awards. We also won an Organic Beauty Award in 2020.


The Organic Beauty Awards commended our skincare product for its Dead Sea salt. The healing perks of Dead Sea salt make it a commodity. Enthusiasts love to use it in hot baths for sore muscles, to detoxify, and to treat skin conditions.


Shop Our Award-Winning Soothing Bath Salts.


Q&A: Should You Take Hot Baths for Sore Muscles With Bath Salts?


In the words of Amina Kitching, "Not all bath salts are created equal."


The Blended Beauty Co. combines beneficial essential oils with rare, detoxifying salts. Our unique blend of 7 essential oils gives you the full spectrum. The product works for sore muscles, stress, skin irritation, and many other problems.


To answer your question:


Yes, hot baths for sore muscles work amazingly with bath salts.


Other Ways to Use Our Bath Salts


  • Exfoliate
  • Foot Scrub
  • Essential Oil Foot Bath
  • Cure Dry Itchy Skin
  • Sprinkle at the Bottom of a Hot Shower
  • Combine With Baking Soda for a Full Detox Bath


Learn More About Our Soothing Bath Salts Here.


Our Award-Winning Soothing Skin Salve


Our soothing skin salve made its mark with Organic Beauty Awards pretty quickly. The texture alone is an award-winning trait, but the real magic is in the perks. We give this skincare product 10 natural active ingredients.


The Blended Beauty Co. takes our unique formulations to the next level. We mix beeswax, cocoa butter, and unrefined Shea butter. That moisture gets rid of itchy dry skin and nourishes your outer layer.


On top of that, our active ingredients give our customers many healing benefits. All 10 natural active ingredients have a purpose, and using our balm is a diverse healing remedy.


Shop Our Award-Winning Skin Salve.


Can You Use the Skin Salve to Stop My Skin From Itching?


Skin irritation and itching feel frustrating. When you itch without relief, it seems hard to find the right product for your skin. Our salve stops chronic skin irritation in its tracks.


Chronically itchy skin comes from a wide range of problems. It may be a case of winter itch, or the problem might go deeper.


If you suffer from dry itchy skin, here are a few tips to use with our balm:


  • Use an ice pack on the irritated area.
  • Take lukewarm baths or showers to avoid dryness.
  • Moisturize after your bath or shower.
  • Apply the skin salve to any affected areas.
  • Moisturize to your skin's liking.
  • Avoid scratching, and try to exfoliate dry, dead skin.


Learn More About Our Soothing Skin Salve Here.

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