Inspired Blends

What is your inspiration?

We have a special story for you book lovers.

Our Inspired Blends revolve around our owner's favorite author, Amelia Hutchins. We use at least one word from her books to label these skincare products.

The Inspired Blends line maintains skin's natural glow for all different ages. It is never too early to start the routine for well-aging skin, but our products do not stop at young adults.

Our special blends sustain the beauty of all types of well-aged skin. Mature women with fantastic skin, benefit from our Inspired Blends as much as teenagers.

Dive into the energy of paranormal romance, and create a new skincare routine from our Inspired Blends.

Each of these beauty products is truly waterless and made with your skin's health in mind.

For you avid readers, this is a great way to link your love for prose and skincare.

We have special approval from Amelia Hutchins to use her books in photos with our products. The Blended Beauty Co. prioritizes authenticity to keep our best customers in the know.

Book fanatics, are you ready to create your unique skincare routine?


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