Blended Tea Collection

Taking care of your skin is not only a surface issue! A healthy body equals healthy skin too.
We created our Tea Blends line with your internal health in mind.
Each of the Tea Blends ingredients is all-natural for your skin's total health.

Environmentally-conscious blends with...
NO pesticides
NO chemical fertilizers
NO harm to the environment

You have our Naturopath and our Master Tea Blender to thank for every delicious cup of tea.
Renee and Janice know the importance of internal health.
If we are not healthy on the inside, we have no power over our skin.
That's why we put the job in their hands, and they created some of the top formulations in the skincare industry.
We named the products after books by Amelia Hutchins. We took inspiration from her paranormal tone, creating a flavorful line of tea blends.

Let's sip some tea together!
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