Blended Tea Collection

Our blending team have been hard at work formulating again.  This time a premium range of lose leaf teas with purpose. Janice our Master Tea Blender together with our Nutritionist/Naturopath - Renee Grandi whose passion is women’s natural health, have formulated an array of enticing organic tea blends for us here at The Blended Beauty Co.

Nature has provided us with a natural and organic way to nurture and keep up great wellbeing.  There is nothing quite like a hot soothing cup of tea to enjoy in solitude or share with friends. With so many varieties and different styles of tea it is always fun discovering which delicious tea would eventually be on your favourites list.

We are continuously sourcing products that have been cultivated without the use of harmful pesticides, chemical fertilizers and unsustainable crop management practices. We are encouraged to support those businesses that practice social responsibilities to their workers.

We blend premium pure, organic, lose leaf teas and herbs.  Small batches are packaged often to guarantee optimum freshness in each container. Overall teas have multiple aspects of healing to enhance your wellbeing.  It may be for immunity, detoxing, lymphatic flow or even simple a wow tea for yourself or as a gift take a look at our (Blooming Delights) tea, natural flowers are mesmerising to watch as they unfurl to create a visual delight. 

Finding your perfect tea varieties and flavours of teas through The Blended Beauty Co is easy.  Scroll down to see the list of teas we have available. Pop on the kettle, take a seat close your eyes and sip away the endless pressures of the day, work towards a bright and glowing complexion and improve sleep patterns savouring each delightful flavour. Whilst working on the inside out to enrich your natural incandescence.

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