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Escaping Demons - Detox Blend Tea

Escaping Demons - Detox Blend Tea

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Immune boosting properties. Decongestant. A special blend of herbs to cleanse & detoxify the body.

Add 1 heaped tsp per cup, infuse at least 5 minutes.

Benefits:  clean up your liver, move sluggish digestion, provide your body with a gentle colon cleanse and burn fat.  Expect cleaner blood, clearer skin, improved concentration, improved digestion, relief from bloating and gas and increased energy levels. The more you can reduce the intake of toxic substances whilst undertaking the detox program, the better the results are likely to be. 

Local & Imported ingredients, packed in Australia.

Contains: Organic nettle, organic  peppermint, organic burdock, organic liquorice, organic lemongrass, organic fennel, organic vanilla pieces, organic calendula petals.

  • Organic nettle - A natural detoxifier. May reduce inflammation, hay fever symptoms, blood pressure and blood sugar levels.
  • Organic  peppermint - To calm to the stomach. To assist digestion and cleanse the digestive tract.  To promote airflow in the nasal cavity due to the menthol content.  As a cooling herb.  Contains an agent called rosmarinic acid to help relieve seasonal allergy symptoms.
  • Organic burdock root - As a tonic for the liver and lungs.  To help the kidneys effectively eliminate impurities from the blood and to assist in the elimination of uric acid.  To help control blood sugar levels due to the inulin content of the root.  Contains active ingredients that help fight acne.  Rich in mineral and essential oils.
  • Organic liquorice root - To soothe coughs and treat colds and respiratory problems.  As an aid in the healing of stomach ulcers.  To protect and support the liver.  To help reduce body fat.  As a mild laxative. To treat headaches.
  • Organic lemongrass - As an aid to insomnia and stress relief. To detoxify the liver, pancreas, kidney, bladder and digestive tract.  To stimulate digestion and blood circulation.  As a remedy for ague, fevers, and colds.  Contains Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, C, Folate.  Contains potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, manganese, copper, zinc, iron.
  • Organic fennel seeds - To remove toxins in the digestion tract.  To help inhibit excessive intestinal fermentation, thereby reducing bloating and flatulence. To treat colic in babies. Just Remember:  Fennel tea for babies is generally considered safe.  For further information, consult with your health practitioner.
  • Organic vanilla pieces - There are quite a few benefits to vanilla tea, including its ability to kickstart the metabolism and improve gastrointestinal health, due to its active ingredient vanillin, as well as other antioxidants, in both the tea and the vanilla beans. This tea naturally lowers stress hormone levels and improves mood while calming the nervous system and aiding in healthy sleep.
  • Organic calendula petals - Contains carotenoids to promote healthy skin.  To improve the immune system and cleanse the body of toxins.  Particular flavonoids and antioxidants found in calendula may have the potential to prevent abnormal cell development.


Information on these products is not intended as medical advice. Some herbs may not be recommended for people with certain allergies, who are taking certain medications, are pregnant or breastfeeding. Consult your practitioner before taking.