Our business prides itself on moving towards natural, raw and unrefined
ingredients. We are using Baraka Shea Butter in our products, as Baraka Shea
Butter is certified organic, fair trade, raw and unrefined. We strive to make positive impacts on society and be effective steward of the environment.

Handmade by women in northern Ghana using age-old traditions and techniques. It is core to traditional life and to their economic well-being.

We intend to help in the process of making a difference by purchasing this
ingredient as it has a direct impact on hard working women and their families. All
Baraka Shea Butter is community certified fair trade, meaning that Baraka pay a
premium price for the shea butter and work with the women and community to
identify and support additional development efforts and priorities.
By using raw and unrefined shea butter the beneficial healing properties have not been removed, therefore allowing our product formulations to maintain its nutritional value and provide optimal healing power. Knowing we are giving you the best ingredients available and the information needed to help make more informed decisions about your skincare is always important and at the forefront of our business.
Our products which now contain Baraka Shea Butter, are our Eye & Lip Butter,
Soothing Skin Salve and Rejuvenating Lip Balm with more products soon to be added to our skincare range.