We love the beauty movement. The beauty market has exploded and thankfully our policy transparency and ingredients composition are always improving and continually moving towards a true beauty, which is in raw, unrefined ingredients for all of our skincare products. We are always searching for the best ingredients, so that we can formulate the best activated products for our customers.
We are in the process of rebranding, with our aim to take a small yet simple skincare business and progress it into a creative and innovative organisation with a modern feel, that respects people, animals and the environment. We offer our customers personalised and friendly service so that they can have a beautiful experience both inside and out.
Our vision is clear, we have made it our mission to source from smaller companies that are in line with our brand, for ethically produced ingredients. Choosing suppliers has been a key role where we insist on the suppliers being responsible manufacturers. We do not purchase any supplies or materials that have been produced in a factory or other place of work where pay is low and conditions are poor or even illegal. We pride ourselves in helping and supporting smaller communities from which we buy our ingredients. We want our products to be value for money, whilst always doing our best to not cut corners or costs by exploiting the planet or people to obtain our ingredients. We also create multi use products that offer true value for money and results.
Our ingredients are strategically blended to create products with an intended target market. Our packaging is in recyclable glass and aluminium to reduce the environmental impact. Ensuring the integrity of the brand and our products are not compromised. Our skincare is Safe Cosmetics Australia Certified and Cruelty-Free. All of our products are anhydrous (meaning they contain
no water), no preservatives, no sulphates, no parabens, no petrochemicals, no phthalates, no TEA/MEA/DEA, no synthetics, no toxins and no SLS.
The sole purpose in creating natural skincare is to reveal and deliver visual effects on the skin. We blend and create small batch products by hand to always ensure quality with each order. We adhere rigorously to good manufacturing practice in our workshop. Our aim is to offer clear and scientifically labelled products to provide accurate information, avoiding meaningless catch
phrases, or deliberately manipulative language that could mislead and cause fear or worry in consumers. Our goal is to teach that nurturing and protecting our skin is important because your face tells a life story; we would like to make it a great one.