The promise I made to my girls.

From the moment I gave them life, as any parent would, I taught my girls the fundamentals to live a happy and full life. Be kind, be loving, be giving. In a world where social media suggests that beauty is looking a certain way on the outside, I was concerned those fundamentals weren't enough. I needed my girls to know that beauty is about so much more and their natural beauty is enough! That's where the roots of The Blended Beauty Co. truly began.

Beauty is seen and unseen. It takes many forms with a mindfulness of what your body absorbs, both internally and externally. Our aim at The Blended Beauty Co. is to make woman of all ages to feel youthful and beautiful just the way they are.

That's why we can guarantee all of our hand blended products are preservative and toxin free. Waterless (anhydrous) products allows us to do that. It wasn't until I started my personal journey in skincare, learning about synthetically altered natural products, that I realised how many disguised preservatives are actually in skincare products. We use raw and unrefined natural material in our products that have incredible healing properties without compromising your health.

In my devotion to bringing you the purest of products, I've embarked on a journey of educating myself in lipids and natural skincare formulation.

Our pursuit for excellence is empowered by your commitment to our products. But we also wanted to demonstrate our commitment to you. Education about skincare and health is important so we've collaborated with Renee Grandi, Naturopath/Nutritionist. Renee advises on The Blended Beauty Co. products and offers occasional webinars and articles that foster our visions.