The Alchemy of True Beauty

True beauty is both seen and unseen. The visible glow comes from the confidence of being comfortable in your own skin. True beauty is about accepting, loving, and embracing age instead of defying it; it’s about travelling through this life with grace instead of arguing with Mother Nature and trying to turn back the hands of time. And how we achieve true beauty is by nourishing our body and mind with the bountiful goodness nature gives us. 
Real beauty can’t be faked. While the media parades plump lips, painted brows, fake lashes and photoshopped images in front of us day and night, promising 45-year-olds they can look 25 again, it’s an impossible dream.

They penetrate our eyes and ears from every angle with products treatments, and procedures we need to achieve these ridiculous ideals, and how to get them instantly. We try one serum, lip plumper and cream after another and still look the same.

These so-called beauty companies are driven by profit, using disturbing methods to hook you in. They use a lot of water, not only in the final bottles as a ‘bottle filler’ but also in the production process. Products that contain water need preservatives to prevent bacteria. Then more chemical ingredients are needed to achieve the right pH balance, additives that have absolutely zero benefits to your skin but are required to counteract the negative effects of each other.

My formulations contain no water, therefore require no nasty preservatives. Respect their fresh, pure goodness and they’ll reward your skin with the nourishment it deserves.

Your skin is your largest organ, and it absorbs every little thing that it touches. Why would you put unnatural, unnecessary and toxic substances anywhere near it?

Factory-made concoctions of chemicals and synthetics making impossible promises cannot imbue us with true beauty, and we shouldn’t let our daughters grow up believing they will. They are fake and unhealthy ideals.

That’s why I founded The Blended Beauty Co. Each one of us deserves to live with the confidence that healthy, beautiful skin gives us. So, my home blends of natural skincare are made using only the good stuff and none of the junk.

My inspiration comes from the alchemists of old, who transformed things for the better, crafting their mystical potions with magical intentions.

The Blended Beauty Co. transforms pure ingredients provided by nature into beautiful blends that nourish your skin.

In turn, your skin is free to reveal your vibrant, healthy glow.

With a blend of art and science, I create skin care solutions with precisely sourced ingredients.

The Blended Beauty Co. creates fresh, preservative-free, hand-blended products, because feeling good about what you’re putting on your skin plays a big part in your confidence journey.

No water to dilute the potency, dehydrate your skin, or fill the containers. Just careful blending of the purest essences nature provides.

My skincare blends will never be made in a factory, that I can promise you. They are hand blended in small batches, so I know exactly what goes into each and every one.

I carefully and deliberately source the best quality ingredients for their individual attributes while supporting small suppliers and businesses.

Your face tells your story. Gentle laugh lines reflect a life of love and laughter. Skin tone reflects generations of ancestry.

Don’t hide these wonderful characteristics – show them off! Using my blends of pure ingredients lets you put your best face forward, a face that needs no artificial enhancements to be beautiful.

Love your true beauty. The perfect blend is all it takes.