Every person deserves to feel beautiful in their natural state.

 Skincare should be no different.

My skincare journey started several years ago. I realised that I couldn't trust every ingredient on the bottle. The preservatives, parabens and harmful chemicals made me worry about my skin's health.

Women over 30 want to avoid fine lines and wrinkles. Aging is completely natural, but damaged skin causes premature aging.

I made the switch, and you should too to avoid damage and save your skin.

The Blended Beauty Co. understands the need for healthy and transparent skincare. Toxin-free, waterless products provide more active ingredients. We do not believe in harsh chemicals.

Each of our hand-blended products gives you fast results. We put special care into every bottle, so you don't have to question what's on your skin.

Why Switch to Waterless Skincare?

Waterless skincare is...

        1.      Cost effective.
        2.      Has more active ingredients per bottle.
        3.      More easily absorbed into the skin.

For women with experience, you want as little damage to your skin as possible. Erase signs of aging with gentle and chemical-free skincare. Reduce the damage, and revitalize your skin at The Blended Beauty Co.

Take the Step Towards More Youthful Skin

The Blended Beauty Co. promises to give your skin the special treatment it needs. We do not create watered-down products just to charge you double the price. Every one of our natural ingredients are pure.

 Are you ready to make the switch with us?