Our registered Naturopath/Nutritionist Renee Grandi is available to answer all of your health concern questions.  Renee works with us and our philosophies, utilises the healing power of nature to nourish our bodies to optimal health.  Renee makes up an  integral part of our team to provide informative and educated advice when it comes to looking after, not just the exterior which we are passionate about, but also the inner being.  We believe when it comes to overall health, both need to be considered as imperative to  recognise and support.

Renee brings her wealth of knowledge in nutrition and naturopathy with her:

 - Bachelor degree in Metaphysical Science

 - Bachelor of Health  Science majoring in Naturopathy

 - Advanced Diploma in Nutritional  Medicine

 - Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy

Renee’s extensive education and experience and also being an accredited member of the Australian Naturopathic Practitioners Association (ANPA) ensures you are receiving research-based guidance and comprehensive analysis to find your imbalance root cause.  This offers you to gain knowledge and healing in all  areas of concern.

This service will include Renee producing educational articles and direct online    consultations and assistance.  Through Renee’s monthly articles or blogs you will be able to keep yourself informed of the latest skincare health advice.

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