We often get asked for instructions about how to get the best results from your The Blended Beauty Co. Products, so here are some usage tips for you. We hope you find them helpful. With the Scrubs - Always start with your skin dry (NOT wet). Stir with applicator (always use your applicator, not your fingers as you can contaminate the oils) and apply to skin.

Gently massage into skin, no need to scrub hard, the salt will do it's work regardless. Rinse off with warm water and pat dry. 3-in-1, You’re all done!

BODY SCRUB: For use daily on hands or as an all over scrub from shoulders to feet. Use in shower cubicle before turning on warm water or apply before you step into a warm bath and soak. It is a great soap replacement for general hand-washing in kitchen, laundry and bathroom. It will also replace all those chemical laden anti-bacterial hand-washes.

Let nature nurture your face, hands and body! Use on tired and aching feet for a quick and invigorating pick-me-up.

FACIAL SCRUB: For use on face neck and decolletage or on body / children or more sensitive skin that finds the body scrub recipe too intense. You can use daily as a gentle cleanser / moisturiser. You don't need to scrub, but can pat the salt on to skin and let sit for 60 seconds before rinsing or removing with warm face cloth.

Exfoliate more vigorously twice a week to remove dead skin cells. Avoid eye area.

TOP UP OILS: Face & Body Oil tops up and prolongs the life of your scrubs when oil is running low in your jar - or use as additional moisturiser between scrubs. Please don't put your fingers in the oils as it may contaminate the product. Pour into jars to replenish supply or use spatula if you are using as a moisturiser.

BODY & FACE OIL SPRAYS: So handy to keep with you for that extra splash of Nourishing! Spray into palm of your hand aiming away from your face. Apply to skin as additional moisturiser between scrubs or after showering or swimming. You can use this on wet skin. You can also use the Facial Oil Spray as a cleanser/make-up remover. Apply to palms, apply to face and gently remove with warm face washer or cotton pad. Great for travel.

PRODUCT CARE: The Blended Beauty Co. products have a 2 year life. They don't last forever as they are completely natural and don't have any preservatives, toxins or additives. In order to keep your products in optimum condition. 

  • Keep our of direct sunlight.
  • Keep jars in an upright position as oils may leak.
  • Always use an applicator as using your fingers may contaminate the natural ingredients.
  • Keep the lid on the products when not in use.